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Consistency, Dedication, Community, and Heart are four undeniable and accurate words that can describe the musical career of Dj Cantos. Cantos’ knowledge of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop, allow him to continually create an ever changing, original mixture of House and Techno, showcasing all of these elements within his groove.

For over 14 years, Cantos has been on the forefront of streaming media on the internet, first in 2002, hosting a weekly radio show with Selekta.com, next a bi-monthly radio show with BreaksFM.com, and currently hosting two different radio shows on DeepHouseLounge.com, pushing and breaking new music for artists and fans worldwide.

Producing music since 2004, Cantos has had his hands in some of the deepest, funkiest, and thumping dance music projects, and continues to push auditory boundaries with releases on CPR Digital, XDEEE, Selekta, LTHM, and Deep.

But even though he’s doing the radio shows, Djing, and making music, it’s the Community he’s helped create that shines the light on Cantos’ spinning disco ball. HMNI (Hello My Name Is) is truly a ‘movement’ in which Cantos helps lead a diverse and genuine crew that invites those who respect and love House Music and dancing just as much as the crew does. Cantos and crew create a safe, fun, vibrant, creative, and memorable, sometimes spiritual and enlightening, experience for all who attend these warehouse and outdoor events year round.

Simply, it couldn’t all be done unless he loved what he does. The best part about it, is that you can see, hear, and feel that love, every time he gets up on the decks...
www.deephouselounge.com Resident DJ/Broadcaster
[Live Broadcast] The Sunday JumpOff hosted by DJ Cantos 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday 12pm-2pm (est.)

Selekta Recordings Artist / LTHM Artist / Deep House Lounge Resident Broadcaster & Artist